Why “Costumecrazed”?

Welcome . . . if you are here it is probably because you need to make some sort of costume . . . I have spent plenty of time on the internet myself trying to figure out how to make a certain costume or prop (non-scary Beast mask for “Beauty & the Beast”?????)

I don’t claim to be an expert.  I don’t claim to have the best ideas, I don’t even claim to be all that creative sometimes.  I decided to start this blog after experiencing difficulties finding tutorials or ideas for some of the costumes & props I have needed to create.  I love looking at other peoples ideas, techniques and solutions . . .because even if I don’t use them directly, sometimes they can lead me to new avenues of inspiration.

I will say at the start that 1) the costumes I make are not historically accurate in technique, fabrics or design  2)  you will not be able to “recreate” them exactly because most of what I do is upcycling garments I find at local Thrift Stores 3) I would love feedback and a conversation on ideas and techniques.

A bit about me . . . in my “real life” job I am a Neonatal ICU nurse.  I am a mom . . . not quite an empty-nester . . . but getting close.  I have always loved Thrift & Consignment store shopping and costuming takes that to a whole new level of adventure.

While I have always liked doing creative things . . my costuming took new directions when our high school director asked me to help  (!!!) costume “Beauty and the Beast” a couple years ago.  This March we did “Grease” . . with a cast of over 70.  My daughter participates in dance and Dance Team, so I also do some costuming for them, and they do Princess-themed appearances as part of their Community Service and/or fundraising activity.  So, you will see “trends” in my posts in these directions  . . . I do have other ideas I hope to be able to explore in the future.

I live in South Central Iowa . . . if anyone is doing a production and interested in borrowing/renting or purchasing costumes–please contact me.  We recently shared our “Beauty & the Beast” costumes with a smaller school, and that was great fun.

I hope you find something useful and I’d love to hear your ideas, successes and problems!

10 thoughts on “Why “Costumecrazed”?

  1. Hello! My name is Cindy & I am interested in renting or buying the Babbette costume if possible. I live in Philadelphia and our Catholic HS (St Huberts) is putting on Beauty and the Beast. If you can do either (rent/sell) please get back to me, asap. Thank you!!! Cindy Castle


  2. Hi! I am in the throws of Cinderella. I deeply appreciated your tutorial videos. Do you have the Marie and Cinderella dresses available for rent starting next week through the end of the month, by chance? Thanks and have a lovely day!


    • I’m not sure which of my comments have gone through so I’ll start fresh. ☺️ I am interested in your Cinderella transformation dresses along with Marie, as well. I would need them as early as next week and rent until the beginning of March. Is this a possibility? Thanks and have a lovely day!


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