original front

2 thoughts on “original front

  1. You have been on a roll lately and I have been enjoying your posts but not having time to comment.

    I love this project and I love the white fabric under the sleeves. I am so envious of your great thrift finds.

    When I did Cinderella the first time I sat and watched every single version available, especially the Ever After versions and I got so many ideas. I always call that immersion. I just take it all in and somehow out comes costumes that look coherent.

    I am amazed that you find just the right shapes. The way that peplum type bottom was able to be removed was perfect.

    I am going to start working on my Footloose Prom dresses soon. I am hoping with ruffles to transform some of the Grease prom dresses. I am also making ruffles for the front of the tux shirts I already have.


  2. Ruffled tux shirts sound perfect. 50’s dresses to 80’s is a little harder. Big puffy sleeves with the elastic over the shoulder would be easy to add as well. Sounds like a fun project. Anything with a drop waist would work for sure, and it might work to pull them up a bit on one side to make it asymmetrical. Modern satin bridesmaid dresses would probably work well too. Cut the skirt off at an angle, and then use the hem part to add a ruffle back on. Unless you are going early 80’s which is Gunne Sax era, but, it sounds like you are going for later.


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