“The Prince is Giving a Ball”: Yellow Dress

The dresses I have been working on previously have been for the chorus members who are in the opening of the ball (the “Gavotte”) and the middle (the “Ridicule”).  This dress is for one of the dancers who will be dancing the “Cinderella Waltz” and the “Ten Minutes Ago Reprise”.   I am dressing this group in pastels, with fuller skirts and hopefully some swingy layers that will show as they twirl.

This costume started with a vintage Prom dress.

front dress #1

It has two layers of white overskirt, pale yellow floral sequins on the bodice, and a sash of a slightly darker yellow, that I neglected to put on for the picture.  It also has white straps.  The back looks pretty much like the front.

I wanted to bring out the yellow as Cinderella is wearing a white dress.

I paired this with a second pale yellow dress:

front dress #2

This dress has a wrap front, beading on the band at the top, and a two layer sequined underskirt.  The sequins are at an angle where the underskirt is exposed.  This dress had a full underskirt.  Some dresses of this style only have a mock underskirt in the front.

I began by cutting the underskirt off of this dress.  I pinned it to Dress #1 under the layers of white, and stitched it in place.  I turned it sideways so the sequins were centered on the front.

attaching the 2nd skirt to Dress #1

This gave the dress less of a bright white look, but wasn’t as yellow as I wanted.  I thought I could use the overdress.  I intended to stitch it to the waistline, so I cut it off, using the bodice lining as a pattern.

cutting the drape of Dress #2 using the bodice as a pattern

I draped it in various ways on the dress and was less than impressed with how it looked.  I found some brighter  yellow organza that had been donated, and also some brighter yellow lace.  I like the brighter yellow, but didn’t have a great inspiration.  I wished that I had cut the drape higher on the bodice to get the pleats that were on the side.  My solution was to go to bed and sleep on it.

The next day I decided to start from the bottom and work my way up.  I stitched string sequins around the bottom of the white layers.

adding string sequins

I added a 6″ row of pleated yellow organza around the innermost lining.  Unfortunately, that layer was actually shorter than all of the rest so it didn’t show.  I should have checked before I started.  I added another row on the yellow underskirt.

bottom layers, pleated organza strips

string sequins trim

I really love the way these layers look.  I pulled the top layer up in 6 places to give more visual interest.

skirt layers

I picked up the drape I had cut off earlier, and ended up just dividing the piece in half and sewing it on in a loose sleeve.  The dress is shown over a hoop.

I have a volunteer who will make some sort of bows for the pulled up areas.

? adding a bow

Cost:  the white & yellow dress was donated, the second yellow dress was $10.  The organza was donated, and the sequins were just a small part of a large roll, probably less than $1.

I ended up really liking this dress.  I love the way the layers move.  I really like the way the ruffles look.   This definitely was not my first choice of dress style, but now I wish I had a few more of them!

Bows made by my volunteer:


3 thoughts on ““The Prince is Giving a Ball”: Yellow Dress

  1. I missed this post. I love how you did those sleeves. Easy and effective. They look great.

    When I was doing mostly dance costumes I was always amazed at the crazy cheap prices for nearly full rolls of sequins on EBay. I wonder if it is still that way. I won’t find out because I have enough sequins to last me ten more years.


    • LOL, I love string sequins. I haven’t bought any from Ebay. I have used Papermart, and a few other places. Do you have opinions on which ones you think are the most blingy? Originally I thought cup sequins would be, but I wasn’t happy with them. I have bought flat ones, and I like irridescent colors. I have spent quite a bit of time looking for any information on how to decide what shape, color and size to use .. . but haven’t really found a good source.


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