The Prince is Giving a Ball: Yellow Sparkle dress (Aka a Belle possibility)

One of the last dresses I had donated was a lovely lemon yellow Prom dress.

The dress had a very thin halter top strap.  The bodice was covered with a layer of mesh tulle embroidered with sequins and beads.  The top layer of tulle had some beading and sequins.  The dress had a side zip.  It was a bit small for my dress form.  The tulle section extended above the solid fabric bodice in the front and the back.

I decided that I would just go with an off-the-shoulder ruffle look.  I had a 3 yard length of pre-ruffled organza trim I had been itching to use.  I thought it was going to be white when I ordered it, and it was a soft cream instead.  It seemed like it would go with this yellow quite well.

preruffled organza trim

I needed something for a band and none of the fabric scraps I had were looking too good.  I tried this 3″ ribbon (left over from making cheer bows) and it looked like a win!

matching 3" grograin ribbon

I measured how long the band needed to be, and then I added some extra length for ease.

I edged the organza trim with yellow string sequins and then stitched it to the band.  I had enough for two layers around the whole thing, and a third layer over shoulder.  Once the ruffles were attached, I folded the ribbon over to form a casing, and pulled elastic through.

folding ribbon over to finish the edge and make casing

I stitched the ruffle down on the front where the straps were attached.  I wanted a solid base for attachment as there would be some stress on this area.

In the back, I wanted to attach the trim to make a “V” shape.  I stitched the ruffle to the fashion fabric and then added a piece of twill tape.  This tape was then stitched to the bodice, to support the ruffle and take the tension off the sequined mesh.

And the dress is done:

In the show:



I just think this dress has a really lovely look.  I think this would make a really nice “Belle” dress as well.  The narrow halter top is also a good way to provide some almost-invisible support for a dress.

Cost:  dress was donated, trim 3yds/$9.50, ribbon, string sequins & elastic:  from large rolls.

I was really unhappy with the trim when I got it as I had ordered it thinking it was going to be white, and I wanted it to edge a petticoat.  However, the 3 yd length is pretty minimal for edging the bottom of a skirt/petticoat.  I really like this dress though, so I take back my negative thoughts!

3 thoughts on “The Prince is Giving a Ball: Yellow Sparkle dress (Aka a Belle possibility)

  1. Did your show already take place. I would love to see it if they put video on YouTube. The costumes look great. I love that ruffle look and I am considering carefully what you said about doubling the ruffle and tripling it over the arms.

    I am in the throws of converting generic mostly bridesmaid dresses for Footloose. I took your advice about using the lining and that is a godsend. I am also lopping off about a foot from the full length gowns which is giving me some fabric to work with.

    I do have to say as someone who is more used to just making everything from scratch that there have been times in this process that I want to get out my 80s pattern and just start with flat fabric. But, I am happy with the results so far. So I am being a convert.

    I am still envious of your second hand shops. I went to Goodwill again and there were two gowns – both straight with no redeeming trim and they were $18.00 a piece. Not one prom gown. I paid more for cheap little sundresses than you are for gorgeous gowns. The Goodwill clerk said they don’t get many prom dresses and I think that is because there are lots of prom gown drives for poor people around here. Perhaps more drives than people who need them. The teacher running the drive at our school actually let us take a few from their stash and I am replacing those with much nicer ones we had but couldn’t use because of our color scheme.

    Your daughter looks lovely in that dress. Is this her senior show – always a sad day.


  2. Our show was this past weekend. I will get some video on youtube eventually. I have bazillions of outfits to write up including our transforming outfits. Glad some of the ideas I’ve written about have worked for you.

    When is your show?


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