Places I like to order from: Home Sew

If you are like me . . .browsing through a sewing catalog or online store looking for hard-to-find items or just unusual things you had NO IDEA that you NEEDED is probably your idea of a good way to waste an hour (or two).    When my mom emails me and says “I am going to place an order with Home Sew, do you need anything ” (we like to order together to get free shipping) . . I am like “ooooooo . . what do I “need”????” (Feel free to roll your eyes here.)

Home Sew is a sewing supply company that has been around since 1961 (based on the info on the back of their order sheet).  My Mom has been ordering elastic, thread, sewing machine needles and other stuff from them for years.  One of the fun things that they offer are grab bags.  When I was a kid, she would add a grab bag to her order for fun, and my sisters and I would use it for crafts, puppets, doll clothes etc.  These days my “toys” run more to magnetic closures, fusible thread, and non-stick pressing sheets . . . but the fun has not diminished.

catalog page from Home Sew

The order I received this week included some bulk bias tape.  I use white bias tape like it is going out of style.  I purchased a 100 yard spool of single fold for $18.25.

100 yards of single fold bias tape from Home Sew


I also found something new to play with–“Snag Free” velcro.  The description says it “incorporates the hook and loop in one piece, with the soft loop buffering the hooks to reduce snagging and lint buildup”.  It doesn’t seem like it has as much holding strength as regular velcro, however, there are applications where I think I will like this.  They also offer a low profile velcro, but, I didn’t buy any this time.

snag free velcro from Home Sew

One of the things I purchased before “Cinderella” was D-ring lacing tape.  We loved this stuff for making corset tops.  It isn’t cheap at $3.95 a yard.   I once found a 10 yard piece on on Etsy for less, but it is hard stuff to find.  If anyone knows of a source where you can buy it in bulk and/or cheaper, I would be all ears.  The loops are an inch apart, but, for a stage costume you don’t have to lace them all if time is an issue.  We also made many of the corset tops with a zipper or velcro in the back, and the lacing was adjusted once and tied off.

d ring lacing tape from Home Sew

I found this clear separating zipper as well.  I didn’t end up using it for “Cinderella”, but I am sure I will someday!

clear zipper from Home Sew

Besides bias tape, another thing I can never have enough of is white lace.  I purchased a 50 yard hank of 3″ white lace for $13.00.  This will decorate a lot of costumes!

white lace from Home Sew

Home Sew also offers a variety of fabric.  I just noticed a “flesh color knit velour” that they suggest for doll bodies, but, I can think of application like mermaid bellies, where it might be useful, and a bit thicker than power mesh.  Can you see I am already making my list for next time?  I also just saw a needle sharpening pad that you sew over and it sharpens your needle . . considering all the crazy stuff I like to sew over, this also sounds interesting . . .

So, if you have some spare time, and some money to spend on toys . . . taking a browse through a Home Sew catalog or the website might be right up your alley.  Oh, and they do have some good basic supplies as well.

As with all the places I like to order from, I have no association with this company other than as a customer.


2 thoughts on “Places I like to order from: Home Sew

  1. I love Home Sew! Years ago when every show was sewn from scratch their assortments were my best resource. I had them all dumped into three bins. One sparkly, one colorful and another lacey. So often I would be looking for something to set off the colors in a costumed and I would find it in the bin. I always ordered multiple assortments at once so that I would usually get similar assortments which would give me lots of yardage for multiple costumes.
    The young couple that took over from the original people are lovely and I often email him to see if he has something not in the catalog. They are very responsive. I think I have been using them for more than 20 years.
    When the new catalog comes it is like when the JC Penney Christmas catalog used to come. I can spend hours going over it.

    One of my other favorite catalogs to spend time with is the one from The Costumer. I usually get more ideas than purchases from them but some things are very reasonable and since I trust the quality I will order from them. They will give you a free costume rental plot for almost any show. When I see the prices I usually immediately know we can’t afford it but the plot makes a good reference.

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  2. LOL, I have a couple of catalogs from “The Costumer” that I keep with my costume books! I use their costume plots as well. Our school has rented some things from them (before I started doing costumes) and they were very nice. Sometimes it does make sense to rent. When my sister did “Brigadoon” they rented the Scots costumes for the guys.


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