Next steps . . .destash . . . looking for feedback!

So . . . my costuming life is going to be changing.  I am officially “done” costuming for my local high school.  My personal stuff is removed from the costume room . . . my school key is turned in . . . and I’m looking at what comes next.

I will continue to make costumes and post them because that’s what I do for fun.  I hope to make more Youtube videos–I actually have way more followers there than I do here, even though there are only a few posts and I’ve been doing it for less time.  I have enough projects stacked up in my basement and sewing room that I can create for a long time 🙂  (I’m always open to brainstorming if you’re looking for ideas for a certain show or costume–so shoot me a message).

That leads me to the conundrum of what to do with the costumes once I’ve made them.  I have an Etsy store, but the sort of costumes I make don’t really sell well there.   I also run into the “20 year vintage rule” on Etsy which limits which items I can list in my destashing.

So . . .  I am toying with opening a wordpress-linked store and selling items from my stash as well as the upcycled costumes that I’ve made.  I love thrifting, and I love the creative process of “this could work for  . . . “.  but I need to find a way to share the love.  I could see that this store could be a place to clearance out items that didn’t sell on Etsy, but could also be a place to list the cool stuff that would make a great costume.  I also like to collect things like curtains, fabric, trims, shoes and other things that are overwhelming me, especially now that I’m using less.

I’m looking for feedback . .

  1.  Do you shop online for costume possibilities/costumes?
  2. If you shop online for costumes, in the past, what sort of things have you gone looking for?
  3. If you shop online, do you go to Ebay, Etsy etc, or do you start the search using a search engine, like Google?
  4. How do you feel about “free shipping” versus actual shipping?
  5. What sort of price range do you usually shop in?
  6. Do you shop for non-clothing items, like shoes, fabric, etc.?
  7. Do you think this compromises the integrity of the blog?
  8. If you like the idea, how would you like it set up?  Gender, size, show, era?

I’m really open to any and all comments both positive, negative and constructive.  Doing this would require a financial commitment in terms of the online platform, shipping support, etc, as well as the time involved to get it up and running.

I’ve used Ebay as a selling platform in the past and have mixed feelings about it.  I’ve also seen where some people sell via Facebook.  Again. . .  I’m open to ideas, experiences and opinions.  This is just a beginning idea . . . think of yourself as market research 🙂  And seriously, I am not looking for a pat on the head, I’d love critical suggestions and input.

Looking forward to your feedback.   You can either add a comment to this post, or if you’d rather message me privately, if you follow the blog/belong to the sewing circle on FB you can use messenger, or you can email me at:


PS.  I’ve also had comments along the way from people who have used this blog as a starting point to kick-start their costuming process.  If anyone is interested in writing a “guest blog” and sharing what you did . . . please contact me and I’ll work with you to make that happen.  You’d need to email me the text, and then a file with the pictures, and I could re-assemble it on wordpress.  You would be able to proof it before it was published.   I wish photos could be added to comments, but, they can’t, so that limits the joy of sharing.

2 thoughts on “Next steps . . .destash . . . looking for feedback!

  1. Liz, I too left costuming for a high school recently.(three years ago) I miss it a lot and allow myself to get roped in to doing the odd small production. I think Etsy is probably not a good platform for what you do except seasonally. I do think you would have success with a pull thru from your blog. I usually thrifted or “frankensteined” most of my costumes and very rarely had to make outside purchases. Most were from dance clothing retailers and the odd waitress uniforms. My usual perusing of Etsy or eBay was for some elusive thing I could not find here at home. If you can find those cool and rare items, I think a pull thru would be ideal. I am motivated by free shipping. (I am that person) I was always in need to shoes for men that are made for women. shoe dye is also something I could never find. I did mostly buy fabric and trims. Those things would have been of most interest to me.



    • Thanks. This is exactly the sort of feedback I’m looking for. I have ideas . . it’s just the format and finding the “sweet spot” for pricing . . something that makes things affordable for the low budget costumer (for whom I identify with!) and yet, doesn’t make it a volunteer activity for myself. I’ve heard that access to thrift stores, their price points and the sorts of items they might carry varies greatly depending upon what part of the country you live in. I always weigh shipping costs with the amount of time , and gas $, it takes me to drive any distance. It’s easy to donate hundreds of dollars of travel expense to whatever project you are working on if you don’t pay attention.


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