“Is Marriage Still on the Table?” (Cinderella): Wedding Wear #3 (Tea-Stained)

chorus members in wedding wear, Cinderella

The closing wedding scene in “Cinderella” was one of my favorite visual pictures from our show.   These dresses were actually really fun to make because I knew they would be on stage for only a few minutes and they were really only for background color . . so quick and dirty costume creation was the theme for their creation.  I have written about the third and fourth dresses (from the left) in the above picture, and this post is about the fifth one.  These chorus members wore these dresses for the shoe-trying-on-scene, and then wore them out for the finale.

side view, tea stained wedding wear

This dress was made from a donated wedding dress.  The original dress was a bright white.  I neglected to take a picture before I dyed the dress, but trust me, it was bright white.  The dress had a satin lining, with a sheer beaded overdress.  It had long sleeves and a train.  I made a tea-bath and soaked the dress overnight.  I used a cooling rack to help hold the dress down.  Unfortunately, the cooling rack had some joints that rusted.  I was able to scrub most of these spots out, and for my purpose, it was not detracting to the costume.

marks from cooling rack, tea stained dress

I thought the dress might keep a darker color if I didn’t rinse it before I dried it, so, after removing it from the tea-bath I hung it outside to dry.

tea stained dress drying

A few hours later when I went to look at it, the dress had blotches and irregular “grainy” spots that had collected as the tea drained off the dress.  Yikes!  I quickly threw(bias it in the washer for a rinse and hoped for the best.  Fortunately, the worst of the blotchy spots rinsed out, and the dress remained a nice light brown.

To create the historical look we desired, one of my volunteers cut the center panel of the skirt out to create an open front.  She added button lacing loops, and threaded a brown lacing cord (made from bias tape) through the loops.  You will note that we didn’t use every loop, just the ones to give the look we wanted.  Some of the loops did pull with wear, so running an extra row of stitching to secure them in place might help.

detail of front, wedding wear, Cinderella

The overdress was worn over a light brown satin dress.  This dress required no alteration, which is always a bonus.  The back of the original wedding dress had a lovely beaded pattern.  It also had a train.  We pinned it up in the back to keep it out-of-the-way of wayward feet.

train pinned up, "Cinderella"

Front and back:

In the show:

I wish I had better pictures as I thought this dress turned out quite nicely.  The cast member loved it.  The tea-staining has remained through several washings.


One thought on ““Is Marriage Still on the Table?” (Cinderella): Wedding Wear #3 (Tea-Stained)

  1. Again, a technique I would never have thought of. I have made lots of gowns in that shape but to just take the front panel out is genius. The ones I made had no sleeves and were worn over a blouse which would also be possible with this method. I love the way that came out.


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