“Is Marriage Still on the Table” (A Cinderella Wedding): Wedding Wear #2

My second dress for the wedding was amazingly quick and easy.

I began with a pale tan sheath-style dress, with an almost-corset look top.

I took a pair of lace curtains and stitched them together.  I measured the skirt length, and folded the top edge of the curtains over at that length.  I ran a row of basting to keep this fold in place.  Then, I squish gathered the lace curtains to the lining (under the edge of the bodice).

added skirt

I added some picot edged cluny lace along the front bodice seams, and threaded 1/4″ organza ribbon through the picots.

A couple of lace sleeves later  .. . and the dress was done.


The sleeves have a casing for elastic at the bottom.

I like the picot edged lace as a base for mock corset lacing.  I totally ignored that little train thing in the back as it is covered up.

Cost:  Dress $2, curtains & lace:  donated

I think this is the shortest post I have ever written!


So . . when the cast member actually started wearing this dress, the arms were really tight.  I think the original dress was designed to be worn off-the-shoulder.   And, in retrospect, looking at how the band pulled in the back, that probably makes sense.  This was a fairly easy fix.  I opened the bottom of the underarms, and opened the bodice side seam about 2″.  I  “un-gathered” the lace sleeve  and stitched it back together.



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