Lace and ribbon to the rescue: A historically inspired upcycle

This project began with a lovely burgundy colored satin skirt with a small train.  The waist was smaller than the majority of the cast members on my list, so I wanted to make the skirt larger.  I began digging in my “pieces of things” box and found a leftover skirt from a previous project to use for extra fabric.

two skirts

I removed the waistband, and promptly PULLED THE ZIPPER PULL RIGHT OFF AND COULDN’T GET IT BACK ON.


Irritated at myself . . . I quit and went to bed.  So fast forward a couple of days, when I had completed a larger project and wanted to work on clearing out some partially finished projects.   When I removed the waistband, I had been quite pleased to realize that the back of the skirt had  generous inverted pleats on either side of the zipper.  If I opened those up, I thought the skirt would be enlarged enough, and I could skip adding in extra fabric.

I needed a longer waistband however, so I split the waistband in half lengthwise, pressing it well.  I found a  piece of brown wide bias tape and sewed that lengthwise along the strip to make a “back”.  I reattached this to the waistband, threaded elastic through, added a bit of hook & loop tape to close the back slit (a zipper would also work), and . . .  realized I had put the waistband on my SCRAP SKIRT, and not the one I intended.


So, OK, whatever . . . a skirt is a skirt and I could do something with this one (although, now I have to come up with a different waistband for my other skirt 😦 ).

Since this was an almos-straight skirt, I just appliqued some wide cream-colored lace along the bottom, and threaded some blue ribbon through the holes (this lace is probably intended to be a valance).  The ribbon had a tendency to droop, so I added a row of stitching to secure it in place.

I found a cream-colored blouse and removed the collar.  Some ruffled lace added a quick upgrade.

blouse details--just preruffled lace

Oh look!  Another chorus member is ready to go to the Fair!

Not including my misadventures with the skirt(s) on my first attempt, lol, this project took about an hour.

Cost:  skirt:  leftover from another project, blouse $0.50, plus some lace, ribbon and hook & loop tape

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