Shower Curtain to Peasant Overskirt: Upcycle

Thanksgiving is now over, and our show auditions will be this next week (FINALLY!!).  I took a few minutes in-between cleaning, cooking and visiting with family to sneak in a few minutes of sewing.

I had so much fun making the Tablecloth Overskirts that I decided to make some more.  I picked up a few tablecloths (or what I thought were tablecloths) to add to the collection.

The first one I picked to play with was a lovely brown and green plaid, in a heavy cotton fabric.  It is shown here folded in quarters, getting ready to cut the hole for the waist.

Folded in quarters to cut the waist opening.

After I folded it, I was surprised to see buttonholes!

Surprise!  A shower curtain.

This is actually a shower curtain.  This is a little different from the previous ones I did as this is a square (ish) piece of fabric instead of a curved (oval, circle) one.

Prior to starting the project I had played with the fabric a bit, experimenting with ideas of how to drape and fold it.  It is a little hard to do when it is in one piece, but, I had some thoughts.

After cutting the waist hole, I began the shaping process.  I brought opposite corners up to the waist hole and pinned them in place.  This will be the front and the back.  Then I made pleats in the fabric on the sides.  I ran a quick row of stay stitching around the top edge.  This also served to baste down the points and the pleats.

shaping the skirt

Just for fun, I decided to finish the waist in a different way and make a casing.  I used some double fold brown bias tape.  This was sewed along the top and covered the raw edge of the skirt, and formed the casing.  I did not make a slit in this skirt.  If it proves difficult to get on and off, it would be easy to add a slit at the point where the bias binding comes together.

Now came the fun part–shaping the overskirt.  I didn’t care for the side corners hanging down, so I brought them up and tacked them down.

almost done--shower curtain overskirt

Then, I pulled the sides up and stitched them near the waistband.

finished shower curtain overskirt

The overskirt is shown over a generic linen-look brown a-line skirt.  The underskirt is not particularly full, and I think this works just fine.

I marked the front of the skirt on the inside of the waistband using a silver Sharpie marker.  Silver sharpies work great for labeling dark fabrics.

Overall, I am happy with this overskirt.  I like the way the fabric folds and drapes and how the large plaid accents this.

Cost:  $1.88 for the shower curtain, pieces of bias tape and elastic.

Time:  About 20″


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