Quick 1940’s Tilt Style Costume Hat

This little hat came from making Nutcracker Costumes.  Some of the girls will be dressed as Hot Chocolate Cups.  Another parent is doing the crafting part (not as easy as it looked on Pinterest . . .isn’t that the story of life, lol?).  I agreed to sew the brown “hot chocolate” fabric toppers.

I made the two tops out of a waffle textured shower curtain in a rich medium brown.  I wasn’t sure if someone else was making hats for them, and I wanted to make something quick and easy.  I rolled around the idea of big marshmallows in my  head, but, before I got too far, my eyes fell upon the hat crown left from the hat I made for Fairytale “Folk” Outfit with No-Pattern Peasant Shirt (v.2).


The brim had already been cut off in my previous project.  The first thing I did was cut the remaining piece in half.   (Pictures are slightly delayed!)

The cut edge did want to pull apart, so I ran a line of zig-zag along it.  It is difficult to see since it is black thread which blends into the brown hat (great for the costume, not so good for pictures).

Cut edge is zig-zagged to prevent it from coming apart

I wanted it to have a marshmallow/hot chocolate feel, so I decided to trim it with some white sparkle tulle and some clear string sequins.

It is easy to sew these both on in one step.  To begin, fold a 6″ wide strip of tulle in half.  Center some string sequins on top and zig-zag a little bit to secure them.  Then, making sure your needle is down, lift the presser foot and squish some of the tulle against the needle.

start first, before squish ruffling

Lower the presser foot and sew.  Continue squish gathering as you go.  Typically you don’t need to continue raising the presser foot other than to get started.

Ruffling on the tulle with the string sequins

Continue around the hat . .and you are done.

Here are my Hot Chocolate tops & hats together:

hot chocolate tops and hats

This was super, super easy.  This hat had a little “give”, it had a curve, it needed absolutely  no shaping, and it was easy to sew through.  I think with some different emblellishments this could turn into a pretty sweet little 1940’s style tilt hat or fascinator.

This project was basically free since the hat was a leftover, and I only used a little bit of trim.  It took me about 15-20″ to make both hats.  The original hat was around $2.

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