The Prince is Giving a Ball: Gavotte Masks

The Ball in “Cinderella” begins as a masked affair.  The Prince is wearing a white mask, and Gabrielle a pink mask.  Sebastian and Madame plot for them to meet based on the color of the masks.

I needed around 40 masks for the Gavotte dancers and the wallflowers.  I wanted ones that had fairly large eye holes.  I found one at a party store that I thought would work as a pattern–it was around $5, so I certainly wasn’t going to buy 40 of them!  I really didn’t want “statement” masks, and I didn’t want anything that screamed “cheap Mardi Gras”.

I ended up deciding to make them out of the glitter “pleather” that craft stores like Hobby Lobby carry.  It comes in 8.5″ x 11″ sheets, and I could get 4 of them out of each sheet, which made them fairly inexpensive.  They were also flexible and I could sew ties on them, which added some durability.  The soft mask also allowed for it to be tucked into costumes to get rid of them between the Gavotte and Ridicule.  I picked white glitter for the girls and a brown metallic for the guys.  My daughter sewed pre-gathered lace in various pastel colors around the ones for the girls.  The ties are a thin cord I found in a large spool at a thrift store.  I usually use it for corset lacing, but it worked well for this also.

The same pattern was used for the Prince, adding some silver trim and a bit of white fur.

gavotte mask:  Prince

I wanted something a bit more fun for Gabrielle and Charlotte so I found some inexpensive rhinestone masks on ebay.

I began by cutting one of the patterns out of cardstock.  I sewed this to a piece of felt using a large stitch on the sewing machine.  I stitched around the outer edge and around the eye holes.

pattern pinned

I added a ruffle of metallic pink tulle that matched Gabrielle’s dress.

I cut the eye holes out.  Then I positioned the rhinestone mask on top and hand-stitched the mask to the base.  I cut small slits in the tulle and threaded the ties through.

Back view:

finished back side of Gabrielles mask

Front view:

front of Gabrielles mask

On stage:


Charlotte, of course, also needed a fun mask.  I made hers to match her dress as well.

I began with the same cardstock and felt base.  I covered hers with the same sequin fabric as her sleeves.  (Ignore the wavy scissors . . it was the only paper scissors I could find at the moment).

I put hers on upside down–so I had to hold it up to a window to re-trace the eye holes.

gavotte mask . . oops, no eye holes visible

I edged hers with pale pink lace.


(As an aside . . the “Venetian Glass” necklace is made from gems taken from a necklace purchased on clearance from Charming Charlies.  These are strung on chains from Walmart.  We used magnetic clasps so that they went on and off easily.  They were separated in the box inside the bottoms of three plastic cups to keep them from tangling.)

The Gavotte dancers took their masks off when Ella arrived at the ball.  The soft nature of the masks (other than Gabrielle’s and Charlotte’s) allowed them to stick them into their costumes to get rid of them.

The cost of the simple masks was about 40 cents for the glitter base.  The string came from a large roll, and the lace was donated.  The rhinestone masks were about $7 each.


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