Places I like to order from: Solid Stone Fabrics

Solid Stone Fabrics is one of those online fabric stores that I love.  I have ordered from them multiple times over several years and have always been happy with the fabric that I ordered.   Shipping is fairly quick and sometimes they run free shipping.   My biggest problem is that I like to add a piece of this, and a piece of that, and oooooo!  a piece of something else, and then my order is a little tooooo over my budget and I have to go back and start removing things from my cart.

The website is a little difficult to navigate as you go back and forth between fabrics, although it has improved.  I often go to the “catalog” tab at the top as I think this is an easier way to search for things.  This gives you a thumbnail picture of what the fabric looks like, instead of just giving you the name, which often means nothing.  You can’t see the price of the fabric until you click on one of the colors.  This site features  spandex and other stretchy fabrics.   My most frequently purchased fabric is the stretch sequins.  I much prefer them over the less expensive confetti-dot fabric, however, they are significantly more expensive.  Each has their uses.

This is my go-to site for my favorite “Flashy” sequin fabric.  It is easy to cut, easy to sew, and gives a lot of bling for the buck.  Currently it is $13.95/yard.  That seems like a lot, but, it is 50″ wide, so it is amazing how far a yard can go especially if you are cutting it into strips, or using it for accent.

K's  and bows from flashy--not the best screenshot

I have also used the Drumroll ($12.95/yd):

drumroll--candy cane stripes

And the Ga-Ga ($11.95/yard):

And some cool digitally printed stuff I picked up on clearance:

I also used their stretch metallic spandex to make cheer bows for our Dance Team, and it matched the fabric used in the uniforms perfectly. ($10.50/yd)


I have ordered stretch velvet to make a bodice for a Snow White outfit although I haven’t made the outfit yet.  Someone commented on one of my posts that she recommends making bodices out of stretch velvet/velour for the added flexibility in sizing.  That has appeal, and I may do some playing around at some point.  The Dance Solid is $9.50/yard, so it would add expense to costumes, but, if it made them more reusable and fit better . . .tradeoffs.

I number of years ago I had a vendor booth at a local business incubator, and I made stretch fabric headbands.  I ordered different novelty fabrics several times to create those.  Isn’t this a new one they have fun:


This particular one doesn’t have anything to size it with, but, I imagine customer service would help.  I have had occasion to call customer service and they were very helpful and accommodating.   I had ordered fabric, and in my excitement of picking out a few “extras” I forgot to actually order the fabric that I NEEDED.  They were able to combine my orders and help me save money on shipping.

I just got Facebook notifications showing some of their new fabrics:

new fabric

new fabrics

After the amount of time I spent trying to find something to make armor out of these both look very interesting to me.  That is actually what inspired me to write this post.

If you are looking for specialty fabrics, especially of the stretchy and blingy kind, this is a good store to check out.  I have no relationship with them other than as a consumer.

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