A few more Bloomers! Follow-up #1

So . . . I did go back and buy the rest of those white scrub pants.  The bloomers I made last week were so much fun, and so quick, I just felt like doing a few more.

This time, I picked up a white curtain with a ruffle around the bottom.  The second curtain, with the smaller ruffle, is what was left from making the tuxedo shirts awhile back.


I am not a huge user of pinking shears, but, I remembered that I had one, and so decided to try using that to cut the ruffles off to save a bit of time.  This ruffle went around three sides of the curtain.  Where the ruffle turns a right angle, I just slit down the fabric to the actual ruffle, and opened it up to make a straight piece.


I divided my ruffle in 1/2 (one piece for each leg), and sewed the pieces on.


How cute is that?  For this pair I did not add the elastic, just left them straight legged with the ruffles.

The larger ruffle I did the same way, only I added a row of satin ribbon and a bow on the outer edge of the leg.


I have this HUGE roll of eyelet trim I found at a wedding consignment store (of all places) for like $12.  I can put eyelet on EVERYTHING!  I also added a little pink ribbon.

11034292_10206861555323917_2624115364518307770_n 11161354_10206861553283866_7056590304416283638_n

The last pair was trimmed with some wide lace:


Cost:  $0.50 each for the scrub pants, $0.50 for the new curtain, the rest of the trim is scraps and leftovers.

These are so fun, and so quick.  I think the curtain bottom ruffle ones are my favorite.

As I was making these, I was thinking, really, that anyone with a hoop on should be wearing a pair of bloomers.  When we did “Beauty & the Beast”, Belle had a little “oops” with her hoop and flashed the front few rows a bit.  She was adequately covered, but these ruffle leg bloomers would have been so much cuter than her athletic shorts.

(There is a previous blog post that describes how I made the original bloomers. . . . this is a follow-up with some alternative trim).

Update:  Video tutorial

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