Places I like to Order from: On the Go Linens

I am always on the look-out for great sources of fabric for costuming.  I found On the Go Linens this Spring and placed a trial order.  I have been waiting to share the link until I actually used some of the fabric.   Well . . . fast forward several months, and I haven’t made anything (sad face) and I thought with fall shows starting pretty soon I needed to spread the word about this source.  (I am just a consumer, I have no relationship with this company),

My fabric quest started with an idea I had for making an Ursula skirt (and I WILL do it . . soon . . . I hope!).  I wanted to use a petal tablecloths for texture and movement, but they are often pricey.  Google is my friend and eventually I found On the Go Linens.  As the name suggests, they have a very nice selection of linens at reasonable prices.  But . . .they also have a section of fabric by the yard and fabric by the bolt.  I am going to warn you right now . . . they have some fabric that is hard to resist!  You do need to order a minimum of 2 yards for many of the choices . . . but . . . don’t let that dissuade your from checking it out.  I will also note that they provide detailed information about the weight, width and care of the fabrics–way more than you typically get.

I ordered a variety of fabrics just to get a feel for what they offered and the quality.  I had a number of projects in mind (my empty-nester perception of free time was larger than what it has proved to be!).  I’ll show you my selections, and hopefully down the road I will share my projects.

My Ursula project:

I purchased the black Petal Taffeta for $5.99/yd (it is blacker than the picture looks).  They also have a “leaf” taffeta that a friend thought would be perfect for feathers, and a smaller “grape” taffeta.

on the go linens:  petal taffeta

Edit:  One of my readers shared these pictures of the leaf taffeta she ordered in tablecloth form–on sale.  Isn’t this great for feathers?  You can read her comment about ordering below.

I wanted to make variegated tentacles, so I ordered Panne Velvet ($2.99/yd) and Foil Spandex ($3.99/yd).

The panne velvet is probably the least impressive of all the fabrics that I ordered, but, for the price, there is nothing wrong with it.  The foil spandex compares quite favorably with fabrics 4-5x’s that cost.  I imagined that the tentacles would be shiny on the top and duller on the bottom.

My Belle Project:

The posts I have written about “Beauty and the Beast” are the ones most frequently viewed.  I have some ideas about how to make the costumes in different ways.  In particular, I would like to make some simplified Belle costumes.  Many of the online tutorials are about MORE!!  and BIGGER!!  and I want to focus on the volunteer who usually sews quilts and just needs a little confidence to branch out.  In preparation for that I ordered some Bridal Satin at $2.99/yd.  It is really nice stuff.  This was called “Sun Gold”, which is a little duller than I had hoped.  I may use this for a “Cinderella” dress . . yes . . I do want to play with different versions of the transformation costumes.

on the go linens:  bridal satin

I also ordered Solid Taffetta ($2.49/yd) and Satin Brocade Jacquard ($3.49/yd).  The jacquard is a bit lighter weight than the bridal satin, but, in comparison to the fabric I ordered for Cinderella at $10/yd, this is a steal.

And for a little bling . . . Coco Paisley in gold ($3.99/yd):

on the go linens:  coco paisley

My Topher Project:

For our production of “Cinderella” I just purchased an armor costume for Topher.  I would like to make some, and have been looking for good fabric.  I trialed the Liquid Lame ($2.99/yd) and Metallic Lame ($2.99/yd).  They also offer a stiff version of the liquid lame I’d like to see.

The first piece has a lovely fluid silver color.   The metallic lame has a nice crispness.  It would make a lovely overskirt or underskirt, and while the picture doesn’t show it, it is very shiny/metallic looking.    It is translucent, so would need a lining.

Odds and Ends:

I’ve been thinking of the “Wizard of Oz” and trialed some Sequins 6mm ($2.50/yd).  This is on mesh and is see through, but it would provide economical bling.  They also offer squares, and several other sizes of sequins.

on the go linens:  sequins 6mm

The Glitz Mesh Sequins ($6.99/yd) is gorgeous.  The fabric is non-stretch, and oh, so pretty.

on the go linens:  glitz mesh sequins

And then my last piece of eye candy . . . Coco Star in silver ($4.99/yd):

on the go linens:  coco star

You can order sample cards and swatches (for a price), and they also have lace, eyelet, doubleknit, chinese jacquard, vinyl, broadcloth, garbardine, fleece and more.  I have also heard that their customer service is very helpful, although I have not contacted them myself.

Take a few minutes and browse the fabric . . . and let your imagination run wild!





2 thoughts on “Places I like to Order from: On the Go Linens

  1. I am so glad you shared this. The author did share with me a while ago and I can attest that any costumers will be in heaven. I have even found that if you search out sale items it is often cheaper to buy the fabric in the form of big tablecloths. That’s what I did with my Scuttle the sea gull fabric. I sewed costumes for a dance troupe for years and I thought I knew every good source. Wrong! This place has prices you won’t find anywhere. The quality of the fabric is very comparable at a fraction of the price. I don’t think I can add a picture to this post but will see if the author can add my scuttle fabric. In my research this fabric is what is being used by the professional theater costumers. The gabardine or poplin is a great bargain. I needed royal blue for Ariels skirt and bought it in a round tablecloth form rather than yardage. Most of the work done! Just cut a waist hole some elastic and done. I will be forever grateful for the author for sharing this source as you will be.

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  2. Thanks for the comment Nancy! I added your pictures up in the post. Great idea for making your Ariel skirt. I LOVE tablecloths. I have a whole little pile of scrap paper scribbling with ideas for more tablecloth costumes . . . my list just keeps getting longer! So many costumes . . . so little time . . .


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