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OK fellow costume makers . . . here is a place you may want to go check out.  (As always, I am a paying customer, and get no kickbacks or benefits from sharing my shopping experiences).  My latest shopping “find” is  After creating my “Young Frankenstein” costumes, and using LOTS of trim on those very wide skirts, I began to wonder what I could use if, and when, my current rolls of trim run out.  Occasionally I do come across a wholesale-style roll of trim at a thrift store, and of course, I snap it up.  Who wouldn’t want hundreds of yards of the same trim for pennies a yard?  Ok, well, yes, I know there are lots of people . . . but true confessions . . I am not one of them.  I WANT IT!!!  But, it started me thinking . . . where DO people buy those large rolls?  And where can I find them too?

I did some Google searching, and eventually ended up on Ebay, and found this seller.   She does combine shipping (and in both of my orders, my shipping was “free”).    My finds for that day included a 400 yard roll of 1″ white scalloped lace for $75.  Yes, I know, that is a lot of money, and a lot of lace . . . . but it is only $0.19 cents/yard!    And I will use it.  It would look great on some of the skirts I made.  It will also work on blouses, and for edging petticoats and bloomers.  I also think it will make lovely edging for veils.   Veils are crazy expensive.  Tulle is not, and now, neither is this endless roll of lace.  And goodness knows, after this fall and my first Etsy Halloween experience, I know there will be more Bridal wear for Vampires and Zombies in my future.

400 yards of white scalloped lace

Another 400 yard score was this roll of narrow 3/4″ black lace for $38 . . . that’s about $0.10/yard.  You can put lots of lace on lots of things for that  price.  I’m also thinking gray veils trimmed with black lace.  Ghost Bride?  Corpse Bride?  Zombie Bride?  Do you see a theme here?  The red & white striped grosgrain was about $0.23/yd, and the jacquard trim was $0.37/yd.  On my project “to do” list I have a Jolly Holiday outfit.  I am thinking that red and white ribbon will be useful for that–especially if it is a “themed” project and not a copy-cat version.

jaquard ribbon, narrow black ribbon and red & white striped grosgrain ribbon

When my package arrived it included a business card and the actual store website information.  So, I thought I had better –in the name of good blogging–go check out the store, and order a few more things before I passed on the name.  Oh, the sacrifices I make!  (Are you rolling your eyes  yet?  You should be).

There also is a Facebook page (of the same name).  I had a problem with ordering and it took them about a day to respond–apparently this is a family business.  My issue was that on the website, the owner offers a one yard price, and then discounted pricing for larger quantities.  At the time I ordered, you could not put multiple yards in your cart at once.  You had to put them in one  . . . at . . . a . . . time.  Annoying, but do-able for 10 yards, not so much for 200.  (Later, I did find, that if you go through the checkout process, eventually you will get to a screen where it appears you can adjust yardage–but it is a bit late in the process).  The person responding to the Facebook message suggested calling directly–so if you happen to want a large quantity of something, you might try that.

Some of the pricing is a little sketchy . . . just kidding, obviously a typo, but it is good for a chuckle.  Should I buy one yard . . or 100?  Hmmm . . . .


I decided to try a variety of items.   In addition to wholesale quantities, you can also buy by the yard, and many items have reduced prices for 10, 20 yards, etc.  I browsed through the various sections which include elastic, zippers, fabric, buttons, shipping supplies and an assortment of trim categories.

I began with the elastic section. This section includes a variety of widths and types, including fold-over and bra strap elastic.  I had been wanting some wide white elastic.  I love the black I have, but sometimes it is to . . . well . . . black.  White will blend in with a white shirt and I am hoping I will like it better for skirt waistbands than the black.  The roll was $15, so $0.30/yard.  Most skirts would take less than a yard, so that is not a bad price.  This elastic is softer than the black I have, but it seems nicely stretchy and I think it will do what I want it to.  20171030_212216.jpg

The “Cords, Trim/Piping” section included grommet tape.  I am pretty excited about this.  It ranged in price from $0.90-$1.59/yard.  This is  significantly cheaper than plastic D-ring tape I have been using, although admittedly, it is different.  I really like the gray with the eyelet attached.  It was actually the cheapest at the $0.90/yard for the small yardage price (part of the current weekly sale).

grommet tape

In the “Wholesale” section I also found a roll of suede grommet tape at $0.33/yd for a 60 yard roll.  I think this will be great to use for making laced sleeves, and other masculine and woodland creations.   I’ve wanted to create that sort of look, but just haven’t wanted to invest in a good quality grommet setter.  I figure this will be a good intermediate step.  If I use this stuff, then maybe purchasing a grommet setter will be a reasonable thing.  If I only THINK I will use it (which does happen in my life), I will be happy I tried the trim first.

suede grommet tape

The “Weekly Sale” section tempted me and on impulse I ordered some “black braided looped gimp 5/8″ wide” and “natural gimp loop trim 1/2″ wide”.  The black was $0.70/yd and the cream $0.49/yd.  This stuff feels tough.  Tough enough that if it were sewn to the front of a corset top I think you could use it for functional lacing.  This is much nicer than the finer loop stuff I have that is designed for wedding dress buttons.  I only ordered a yard of each.  I want to make something with this in short order so I can order some more of the natural color if I like it.  It seems like it could be really useful, and of a color that will blend in and disappear.

gimp loop trim

The last trim I tried was another one of the weekly sale items, which was a braided looped gimp, 5/8″ wide at $0.49/yd for 10 yards.

black gimp  trim

The website also has a small assortment of fabric.  I ordered a yard of a black french terry cloth at $3.29/yd and a yard of creme color 4 way mesh stretch knit for $2.49/yard.  The measurements was generous and the fabric is of reasonable quality and as described.


There are a number of things I like about this supplier.  First, the trim that I received is really nice.  You would not expect that you paid (in some cases) pennies a yard.  I also like that you can order one yard as a sample on many of the items.  Shipping was quick and the items were as described.

This company appears to have been around for awhile.  The website had a copyright of 2009, and the “blog” link (of which there are not posts) is dated 2013.  I spent quite a bit of time last winter searching for grommet tape and d-ring tape, as well as some other trim related items, so it is always interesting to me when things don’t show up in searches.


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  1. I have a couple different grommet setters– NONE seem to work for me. I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong, but I have problems with the grommets staying together. OR, they are pounded and mishapen if they do stay together because I pounded them to death! (Yes, I am using the setter and special hammer.)


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