Family Recipe Box: 1/2 Sheet cake pan Smores bars

Finished bars

You may have noticed this post is a liiiittle off-topic for me.  No . . . it’s not a trick costume.  As my kids have gotten older, and especially as they are moving from poor-college-student to employed-young-adults, I frequently get messages saying “Hey, can I get the recipe for ________”.   (Typically this will be while they are at the grocery store, or in the evening as they are thinking about the pot-luck at work the next day).   Since I have four kids, plus nieces and nephews . . . I thought an online “family recipe box” would make my life–and theirs–easier.  So, I make no claim that these are great and/or completely original recipes (and I will try to give credit where it is due if I know where the recipe came from), they are just stuff that we like.   At the end I will link a google doc because my kids are used to finding the “best” recipes in my purple loose leaf binder.

“Large Smores Bars” is a recipe I adapted/created (that is a loose term) when my kids were in high school.  At that time, my life was full of large groups of high school students:  cast parties, team dinners, band trips, concession stands fundraisers etc.  Quick, easy and large quantity were the main goals–oh, and tasty too!  These bars were a favorite, and requested by my home-from-college-for-break daughter this week.  This recipe could easily be cut in half.  If you are trying to reduce cost, you could substitute some chocolate flavored dip for all or half of the chips (although it will be a darker chocolate flavor).   You can certainly use store-brand cereal (do price compare though, name-brand-on-sale can be cheaper).  I like to top them with bulk dehydrated mini-marshmallows if I have them (today I didn’t) because they are SO cute.


Start by collecting your ingredients:

supplies for smores bars

Put everything except the cereal in a large micro-wave safe bowl.  I cut up the margarine so that it melts evenly, and give the mixture a couple stirs before putting it in the microwave.  When I buy a microwave, I make sure that it can hold a 9 x 13″ pan and has a lot of power (mine is 1250 watts).  Cooking and reheating for five people–I knew my needs.  Keep that in mind with my cooking times.

I heat the mixture 1 minute at a time on high, stirring after each minute.  I went 2 min 30 sec today.  While it is heating, spray the pan with cooking spray.

When it is melty enough, dump the cereal on top.  Take the cereal bag and cut it open and spray with with cooking spray and set aside.

I put the cereal/marshmallow mixture back in the microwave for 15 sec to warm it up again before I started mixing.  Mix in a circular motion, scraping from the bottom, up the sides of the bowl and toward the center.


As it is getting mixed, if you want, toss in some whole mini marshmallows and mix in.  I ended up using about another 1/2 bag between what I added and the top.

add extra "whole" marshmallows if desired

Dump the mixture into your greased 1/2 sheet cake pan, and cover with the sprayed cereal wrapper and pat into place.

When it is mostly patted, you can add any desired toppings:  more mini marshmallows, dehydrated marshmallows, colored sprinkles (holiday, themed, etc) and then finish packing the mixture into the pan.  When you are done, just peel up the cereal wrapper and let it sit to firm up.

If you used name brand cereal, cut your boxtop off to save it for your local elementary or middle school, recycle the cereal box, and scrape the bowl to collect the last bit of chocolatey-marshmallowy yumminess (either for you or your anxiously awaiting child).


Finished bars

Smores bars are best made fresh.  They will keep for several days, but the cereal will eventually get soggy from the mixture.  They can be frozen but that won’t keep them from softening, but, hopefully, your group will munch them up and you won’t have that problem.

Here is a link to a printable recipe  1/2 Sheet Cake Pan Smores bars

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